“Health and fitness have always been a passion of mine. Isn’t the body amazing? It can cope with an abundance of stress, and adapt to almost anything. However we often abuse them and wonder why we feel uncomfortable, tired, sluggish and wonder why we don’t see the changes we desire. I’m on a mission to show people just how amazing we can feel in our own skin. How with a little nurture, a little self-love, a little focus we can bring the best out of ourselves.” 

Lettie King

Lettie is a personal trainer, yogi and clinical sports & remedial therapist with comprehensive health and fitness knowledge. Based in Central London she provides a professional and thoughtful all round service, for those who want to become stronger, fitter, more flexible and generally happier with their bodies.

She has worked with a vast array of clients all with different goals including weight-loss, postnatal, prenatal, mobility and flexibility, rehabilitation as well as total body transformations.

Taking a multi-facetted approach she achieves life changing results by coupling her expertise in sports conditioning and yoga with manual therapies.

Providing lifestyle management and support, she will work with you to reassess your lifestyle. Looking at your habits and re-wiring the bad ones to make you the best version of you.