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Health & Fitness Specialist

Lettie is a personal trainer, yogi and clinical sports & remedial therapist with comprehensive health and fitness knowledge. Based in Central London she provides a professional and thoughtful all round service, for those who want to become stronger, fitter, more flexible and generally happier in/with their bodies. She achieves life changing results by coupling her expertise in sports conditioning and yoga with manual therapies, working with you to re-wire bad habits and make you the best version of you.

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Whether you want to TRANSFORM your body from outside or within here are a few ways Bodies by Lettie can help you.

Find out how manual therapies

can help you.

Get bespoke training just for you, how you want it.

Discover how Yoga

can improve your life.


"See what people say about me"

Julia Suez

I have suffered from chronic back pain for the last 15 years. I have tried several training plans including Pilates and swimming but the sore never left me...